Friday, October 5, 2018

Extension Agents – Neighbors You Should Get to Know

Nora Rhoades, Family and Youth Development Agent

If you’re not as familiar with K-State Research and Extension, you’re not alone. Many people ask who we are and what we do. So, “What is Extension?” and why are your local Extension Agents neighbors you should get to know?

K-State Research and Extension is devoted to helping people live healthy and successful lives; it's part of Kansas State University's three-fold mission and traces back to why and how K-State was created as the state’s land grant university.

Federal legislation in 1862 granted land to states for the creation of institutions that could give working-class citizens in rural areas equal access to higher education, something formerly only available to wealthy families in eastern cities. Kansas State University was founded in 1863 as the nation’s first land grant university to provide on-campus teaching, research and outreach to Kansas citizens.

In 1914, another law created the Cooperative Extension Service which placed educators in the 3,000-plus counties of America to extend practical, research-based information from the land grant university right to the people. It is this outreach mission which makes land grant universities like K-State unique. We are fortunate to have a strong alliance with county, state and federal government to support the extension mission.

Extension in each county works to meet local needs. Extension agents live in local communities, share concerns about local issues and have a stake in local success. Locally-elected citizens serve on boards and committees to guide and oversee efforts. Extension’s low-cost and no-cost programs and services are designed to provide reliable, research-based education to help individuals, families, farms, businesses, and communities solve problems, develop skills and build a better future.

The Post Rock District was the first of its kind in Kansas, beginning with Lincoln and Mitchell Counties in 1994. Jewell and Osborne Counties joined in 2005, followed by Smith County in 2012. The district allows for operational efficiencies as well as professional specialization which gives more in-depth focus and expertise for local and regional programming.

The wide selection of Extension education and services is easy for Kansans to obtain; after all, we're located nearby! K-State Research and Extension is the “front door” to information from Kansas State University. Together we share the goal of improving the quality of life of all Kansans, including YOU.

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Source: This blog has been adapted from an article written by Linda Beech and shared in “Living Well: Feeding body, mind and heart. Gleanings, Treasures, and Reflections from 39 Years”

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