Monday, March 28, 2016

What Grows Here?

What Grows Here?
Jenae Ryan, Horticulture

Recently, I received a client call, and the question was, “Can you tell me what grows here?”

What the client needed was a list of recommended plants that grow well in north central Kansas. K-State Research and Extension has several publications that can help homeowners and gardeners make decisions when selecting plants. Whether you are looking to try a new vegetable variety, or need to replace a tree that was removed, or looking for hardy flowers for your flower bed, there is a list for you!

Click the links below to find more information on plants recommended for our area:

Recommended Vegetable Varieties –

Planning Your Fruit Garden –
Small- and Tree-Fruit Cultivars –

Prairie Bloom Perennial Flowers –

Trees and Shrubs:
Shade and Ornamental Trees for Kansas –

Be sure to contact me if you have any question about plant selection for home gardens and landscapes!

Jenae Ryan
Horticulture Extension agent